Listing of apartments for rent in Hai Ba Trung District Hanoi at different price ranges.

There are many western apartments to rent in Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi in our Website are listing of available apartments and serviced apartments make you easy to find your ideal home. There are many serviced apartments for rent such as: Atlanta Serviced apartment, Rainbow Building, King Do building..ete from Dai Co Viet street back to Hoan Kiem District, Times City Hanoi is located in main southeast gateway of Hanoi not far away from city center where offer a thousand luxury apartments for rent and sales, It is well design to maximize the performance and utility of the advanced equipment system, perfect service system and bring your family an ideal living environment.

Living in an apartment for rent in Hai Ba Trung or Hoan Kiem (actually not far away from the Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake or Hanoi old quater). Of course, every region has its pros and cons but I really love where you are. It previously lived in another part of Hanoi, near Dai Co Viet Street, that was a decent area but ultimately may a bridge too far for you . . . culturally and socially . . . Hai Ba Trung district is a nice area where (I humbly suggest) you can live in a nice part of town–at least much of the district is–and you can also avoid living in Hoan Kiem, which is not a place to live in my opinion, or Ho Tay, which is quite nice but a bit removed from where you work, and you’ll be in a bit of a western enclave, which can be nice in a way but maybe gives you less of a real feel for Hanoi. Anyway, wherever you go, make sure you find a space that feels comfortable enough to be “home” for you.

There’s loads of cafes, bars and restaurants in Hai Ba Trung and Hoan Kiem, different cuisines on offer, plenty of good street food and you’re just a couple of minutes ride away from the Old Quarter’s bars.

A lot of expats live around West Lake, which is a very nice area. Honestly, though, if you’re working in Hai Ba Trung I wouldn’t recommend it. My partner used to do that commented the other way – from Hoan Kiem up to West Lake where he worked – and the daily traffic drove him crazy.

If you tend to go to visit nicer, Lake View, western serviced apartment, if you want a more posh and/or more familiar/western lifestyle, you may want to look for apartments in Tay Ho – Westlake Hanoi. It’s generally quieter than the rest of the city, not as crowded, but you’ll also see many more westerners than other areas.

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